Why Massage Therapy?

Massage has been around since the beginning of time and there is a reason why:

    - Massage therapy reduces pain and soreness
    -Helps Relieve stress and anxiety
    - Helps you sleep better
    - Helps improve immune function
    - It can increase your flexibility and range of motion, just to name a few.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping promotes healing by increasing blood circulation to an area. This can help relieve muscle tension and improves blood flow and promotes cell repair to the area of cup placement.

    - It's great for relieving muscle aches and pains
    - Helps increase circulation
    - Encourages tissues to release toxins
    - Helps reduce anxiety
    - Can reduce stretch marks and scars
    - Can help aid in digestion

Benefits Fascial Stretch Therapy

-muscular balance & symmetry
-Improved Energy
-Increased range of motion 
- Reduction of stress
- Decreased joint aches and pains
- Greater balance and flexibility
- Improved posture and mobility
- Shorter recovery times after exercise sessions
-Reduced risk of injury
- Increased blood flow to exhausted muscles

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)?

FST is a type of physical therapy. It's been the "secret weapon" of professional athletes for many years to optimize their performance. Now it has become mainstream and is helping thousands of people relieve chronic pain and mobility restrictions.

FST focuses on your fascia (the connective tissue that runs the length of your body and holds your muscles, bones and joints together). Instead of stretching isolated muscles, FST targets multiple lines of fascia at a time. This approach not only provides immediate pain relief and a increase in mobility, it also relieves anxiety by resetting the nervous system.

FST is much different than regular assisted table stretching as it targets the joints and joint capsules, using traction and oscillation to gently remove restrictions from movement and to stimulate lubrication within the joint capsule.

What are the bodywork services offered?

Dmv Stretch offers a variety of sessions to choose from individual stretch and massage sessions to our signature combined stretch/massage/cupping sessions.


COVID-19 Policy

In compliance with all mandates issued by the State of Maryland and CDC recommendations related to COVID-19, masks are required to enter the business.

Appointment and Class Cancellation Policy

No refunds or credits will be issued for the selected services if they are not attended, canceled, or re-booked within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.

Payment Methods Accepted

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